What is a Musuc Bag?

Musuc Bags are the ultimate in sleeping bags. With arms and legs you can walk, run, jump or just sit by the campfire watching your mates shiver! Awesome for festivals, camping trips or for saving money on your energy bills in the winter with a musuc bag you will never be cold again.

But why would I need a wearable sleepign bag with arms and legs I hear you cry. Sit back and relax, here’s 10 reasons you definitely need a Musuc Bag!

I want one take me to the shop

I’m not sure yet convince me some more..

There’s three different types of MusucBags out thier 4 if you could the kids version. You can find out more about each type by clicking on the links below:

If you can’t decide which one try compaing different MusucBags

Still not convinced??

Maybe a magical and slighlty silly video of patagonia where these awesome bags hail from will change your mind

Didn’t work? no we thought it was a bit odd too.

How about a £5 off discount code will that tempt you?